White Fire OG Strain Review

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About White Fire OG
White Fire OG is a hybrid strain that is mostly sativa offering a very cerebral high. If you like up lifting, energetic strains this would be a good one to try. White Fire OG is also sometimes known as WiFi OG in local shops.

The taste is usually earthy and buds are dense and barrel like. Colors of the buds can be orange, yellow or red depending on how much of each strains genetics comes out in this hybrid.

White Fire OG can be grown outdoors or inside, has a high yield and takes about 65 days to flower.

Attributes of White Fire OG
Patients most often use White Fire OG for anxiety and depression, cancer, glaucoma, pain, and appetite loss.

Positive Effects
– Cerebral

– Uplifting

– Energetic

– Creativity

Negative Effects
– Dry Mouth

– Red Eyes

– Paranoia is less experienced users