Marijuana Growing Guide

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So you have chosen to start a grow. Awesome!! In our opinion you are on your way to something amazing. Marijuana isn’t only therapeutic when used, it is also therapeutic to grow. It is a plant that is super responsive to care. The more you care for it, the more it gives back to you. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than growing cannabis. When you use organic fertilizer and growing mediums you get back a medicine that civilization has taken advantage of for centuries. A safe alternative to harsh medications of today’s pharma companies.

When I began to grow marijuana I had no idea what I was doing. I did some reading online and thought, “How hard could this be?” Although marijuana is easy to grow it is difficult to master. This is one reason it is so therapeutic, no matter how dank you bud gets, it can always get better! So I started growing and was stoked when I saw my plants bud for the first time. I won’t forget how I felt picking my buds off the plants, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed for the amount I yielded. I had pipe dreams of 16 ounce plants and juicy buds that would last all year.

I must have read 100 websites about growing, the problem was I reading the same information over and over again. The process of growing weed doesn’t change, cut a clone (or start a seed), place it in a grow medium, give it light, water and nutrients, harvest and dry, Voila! Well after my first grow I understood why the old timers told me there was no substitute for experience.

At the start of the next year something happened that changed my whole season. I found Ryan Riley. Ryan is a seasoned marijuana grower who has been teaching medicinal marijuana patients to grow for the last 20 years. When I first saw Ryan’s site I didn’t think too much about it, remember I had seen a ton of articles and websites. I was approaching the start of my second grow season and I was desperate for better results. I kept thinking about Ryan’s website and couldn’t resit the urge anymore. I got back on the site and I bought Ryan’s marijuana growing guide, I figured for all the crap fertilizer I bought this would be a much better investment.

The kicker for me was the old timers advice “there is no substitute for experience.” Well Ryan packs all of his years of experience into his grow guide. I was amazed. Like I said before the process of growing weed is always the same, buts its all the tricks that Ryan dishes out that made the difference for me. From preparing, watering, fertilizing and curing, everything is covered and covered by over 20 years of trial and error.

My second season I out did my previous year by 3 Fold! I grew the same amount of plants and yielded 3 times the weight… No joke. I can’t thank Ryan enough because I have enough bud to last until next harvest!! The proof is in the results, if you are going to grow you need to make this small investment, its like having a grow coach on your side and you will not be disappointed. Visit Ryan’s site Here.

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