Will Maine Weed be Legal in 2016?

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LegalizeOne by one, states are starting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, although it is a lengthy process that is different in each and every state. Although it may appear on the outside that a state is going to roll right through the voting process, due to the fact that they have an overwhelming percentage of its citizens that are on the legalization side, as well as great state representatives that are in favor of the bill, it is never a sure thing that the bill is going to pass. This has happened time and time again, although it truly is just a matter of time.

Maine Legalization for Recreational Use
One of those states that are constantly in the discussion when it comes to legalizing cannabis, as they were one of the first states to introduce medical marijuana, is Maine. They passed an act to allow medical use of the plant in 1999, but recreational use is still currently banned. However, this appears that it is going to change fairly quickly, as Maine has a very high approval rating and has already gone through a decriminalization process, which imposes a fine rather than charges for possession in small amounts.Multiple Initiatives
Although there has been a strong push for a bill in 2015 or 2016, which would legalize recreational use in the state of Maine, things are looking pretty shaky. There are a handful of initiatives to legalize marijuana, all of which have different guidelines and they are truly getting thrown around left and right. Although a great deal of the public is in favor of marijuana being legalized, there is a lot of politics in regards to the amount that will be legal, as well as the amount of plants that can be grown, the taxation, and plenty of other things that need to be discussed.Politicians Views
Like any state that is pushing for legalization, Maine has a great deal of politicians who are in full support and have stated that they have bigger problems to handle. On the other hand, there are a bunch of politicians who are vehemently opposed to all forms of legalization.Chances of Legalization
There is no doubt that Maine has a great shot at legalizing a bill if it actually hits the ballots. It really isn’t a question if they are going to legalize it in Maine; it really comes down to a time issue. When the details of the bill get hammered out properly and a vote goes out, you can bet that Maine will legalize it, but the chances of that happening by the end of 2016 are fifty-fifty.